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New Myglobe @ tricks for Faster connection

Posted by admin Monday, December 12, 2011 0 comments
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Are you using globe/tm Network
Or Sun netWork? this is the link
or operamini user?

Want to Fast your browsing connection?

Because some trick are detecting by globe or maybe just globe really sucks.

 here is the alternative trick to speed up your internet browsing via operamini

The Alternative Trick
On your Handler menu, edit the following queries:
HTTP Server: http : //
SOCKET Server: http : //
for enabling downloading capability,
Front Query:
credits to: nemuel888 of –I do not know whose the real guy behind this weird looking server trick for operamini on globe. LOL
The source also stated that this trick can download files up to 12Mb (based on his test)
PS. I have tried this trick, and yeah it works. Only tested using Opera Mini 4.2 Handler UI 132*
*the server trick’s characters count is too long and I guess there might be a conflict if used on OM5-6.1

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