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Free TV Streaming using Coreplayer and Smart GPRS

Posted by admin Monday, December 12, 2011 0 comments
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TV Streaming using mobile phone.

I can still remember, on our early years in wap world, if you can stream TV from your phone, “astig ka”. :D People identifies you as: “wow! Lupet naman!”. Hahaha. That was way back 2008, I guess. We are using MyGlobe Stream capable Globe Sim cards and RokTV (a symbian application). But what’s really important was, the channels.
TV Channels’ format from then was, *.sdp
It can be manually saved on your gallery as a link. Then you can now stream through your media player. But, there’s a limitation. Luckily, the RokTV can be editable and it can bypass the limit of mobile phone streaming. It’s fun when we can watch our favorite anime TV shows at school, and its for free. XD That time, Pinoy/China phones that are TV-capable are not yet popular in the mobile market.
Enough of that historic intro. :D hahah.
Now, you can still enjoy TV streaming from your mobile, for free!
This only works for Smart. Sorry to Globe users, the previously working streaming channels just aren’t working anymore, so please don’t ask. XD

Watching OnePiece on GMA7
This TV streaming has only been proven working via using a symbian app called: CorePlayer. If you still doesn’t have that app, just go find it yourself. LOL CorePlayer only works for symbian, if youre phone only supports java/apk, then you cannot use CorePlayer. Try to find a similar application that can stream online or watch videos online. A support in rtsp:// is still something to be considered though.

TV Streaming using CorePlayer

 Connection Settings

Smart GPRS is the connection you will use. Its the default wap setting for smart, using the APN: smart1
For the proxy and port, it can be blank or default.

Watching Slamdunk on GMA7

CorePlayer Settings

If you successfully installed a full working CorePlayer (means cr4cked :D), then congratulations!
  • Go to Menu > Tool > Settings > Network
  • Check the “Enable Network Access”
  • Access Point: Smart GPRS
  • Use Proxy: “Direct Connection”
  • Uncheck “Prefer UDP streaming”
  • The rest, leave untouched. Save and restart CorePlayer.

How to watch

As of this moment, there are only 3 channels available. The number of these channels might be increased if somebody else can discover Session Description Protocol files that will work for Smart streaming. XD LOL
  • Make *.sdp files on your phone via X-plore (New text Document, then rename from *.txt to *.sdp) with the URL’s of the channels.
  • Then using CorePlayer, open any one of these sdp files.
  • Wait until it connects. A 3G signal is much preferrable for better streaming experience. :D
  • Alternatively, you can just copy the url of the channels and then choose the “Open URL” option on cPlayer. :D
The channels’ URLs are:
Cartoon Network:
Solar Sports:
I haven’t tested this yet, but my facebook friends already confirmed it working. :) I am not sure if it can be done manually, (without using CorePlayer) just for the sake of S40 users. Please do try at your own discretion. But I have a strong feeling that it won’t work, as per the built-in RealPlayer of our phones have stupid limitations, ie; “Not enough bandwidth.”
Well, for Smart and Symbian users, enjoy! (while it still lasts) ^_^
*image credits: ryan_ildefonso of and Kyo

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