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Working Free VPN for MOBILE PHONES

Posted by admin Monday, December 12, 2011 2 comments
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When I got the Nokia N8 I had previously showcased, I found and installed an application that was called VPN. I installed it because I was a total noob that time about VPN and I only know that it can be used for free internet. But I cannot see anything that was added to my applications icons. I never knew it before that it just adds another settings options on the phone settings; called VPN Settings. But I never had made it work, since then.
Some of my friends, who uses S60v3, told me that they too got VPN application to install VPN settings capability on their phones. This includes my brother who got a 6120c phone, as well as my classmate who got an E63 phone. We still haven’t made it work.
Honestly, I never tried it. Why? Because seeing something that was far different from what I see on tutorials about using VPN’s on android/iOS phones and devices, made me quit it on the first hand.
Yeah, symbian support for VPN is a lot different to android/iOS as these devices suports OpenVPN connection, just like what we normally does in our laptop/pc, yeah for free internet.
Then, I came to have read a post somewhere in the internet world, a forum post that says that “PPTN connections are blocked by Philippine networks, unlike OpenVPN. That’s why we cannot use it for free internet.”
VPN for Nokia N70?
VPN for Nokia N70?
The sad part, there seems to be no VPN application for symbian that supports OpenVPN. And that’s how I lost the urge to try this so called VPN for symbian. Even though a friend of mine, named Dhasniper, point me to a link on a VPN compatible for S60v2 devices such as my Nokia N70. Up until now, I haven’t tried to use or try it. XD
If you feels like trying, just look for the VPN for your phone, for v3 phones, try searching for SymVPN, its an app. If you want to get the settings, seems to got it all for you.
To clear it out, this VPN for Nokia (Symbian) is working, but not for Philippines. Actually, this VPN support was made for just VOIP access, and not mainly for GPRS access. Then, you have to get those policies files, which seems to me a very troublesome process. So I’m passing out of this mobile hype. XD

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