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Solution For Globe Fixing for VPN

Posted by admin Monday, December 12, 2011 1 comments
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Then, not just that, there are consequently other problems that is experienced by GLOBE Tattoo Broadband Modem users, such as me. The VPN connects but it won’t browse, also sometimes the VPN doesnt connects at all.
Its a good thing that there are lots of good netizens that shared their workarounds. So I’m here to share it.

Credits to those who are the original source about this.

Unable to connect on HUAWEI GLOBE modems such as E153 and E1552

Globe Tattoo E153
Globe Tattoo E153
  1. Launch Globe Dashboard, go to Tools > Options > General > Select RAS instead of NDIS > Ok
  2. Go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter settings > 
  3. Look for the Huawei modem > select & right click and go to Properties > Networking > TCP/IP V4 > Advanced > WINS > Disable Netbios over TCP/IP > Ok
  4. For Windows 7: Go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter settings > Look for the TAP Driver > select & right click and go to Properties > TCP/IP V4 > Advanced  > WINS > Disable Netbios over TCP/IP > Ok

Unable to connect on ZTE modems using GLOBE (MF626/MF627)

SmartBro Broadband ZTE-MF Series
  1. Launch Smart Bro Dashboard, minimize and do not close.
  2. Go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter settings > Locate the ZTE modem connection. Create a copy of this connection. The reason we are copying this is that there are some instances that the device disappears when the SMART BRO Dashboard is closed.
  3. Select the newly copied ZTE modem adapter > select & right click and go to Properties > Networking TCP/IP V4 > Advanced > WINS > Disable Netbios over TCP/IP.
  4. Create a shortcut of the connection and save it to your desktop.
  5. In order to connect. Simply connect your USB stick and launch the smartbro dashboard.
  6. Minimize the Dashboard and locate your newly created connection on the desktop.
  7. Right click and connect. It will show no notifications so wait a few seconds.
  8. Launch the OpenVPN client and connect.

TLS Error when connecting

  • TLS errors are often network related, please check your network stability. Your signal may not be that stable.
  • Check for firewalls that may be blocking the connection. There are instances that ESET may be blocking your connection so please check.
  • Check your APN settings as it may not be correct.

opcode Errors upon connecting

Fix: Edit the config files.
  1. Launch OpenVPN. Do not connect to any server. Select a server and select edit config.
  2. Add the the following lines at the bottom:
    dhcp-option DISABLE-NBT
    dhcp-option DISABLE-NBT
  3. SAVE. Then now connect.
That’s it!
I also have experienced this problem, and now, I do not have any problem connecting to any VPN’s anymore. :D

The reason why I had asked on facebook, what AV my fans are using, is because of the ESET network filtering, which I also had experienced. If you are using ESET, click on the icon in your system tray and then click on Enable Network Traffic. This will disable network filtering, and so allowing you to browse the internet using VPN.
Well, that’s it! Hope to solve everyone’s problem, especially those Globe users. If you still happen to get unconnected by all means, you should try using another SIM card, that also works for me.

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